Families are spending more time outdoors enjoying the warm weather and sunshine – in between the frequent spring showers seen across the region. This warmer, wetter weather directly contributes to an increase in mosquito activity.

The mosquito species that can transmit mosquito-borne diseases such the West Nile virus will be especially active from now through the end of summer. Commissioner Noack’s Mosquito Abatement Team will continue to monitor disease activity in the local mosquito population through the summer months and will take all appropriate action to safeguard the health of Precinct 3 residents and their families.

The Mosquito Abatement Team’s efforts include the following:

Surveillance: mosquito traps are set and collected throughout the precinct on a weekly basis. The resulting mosquito samples are identified and tested for disease activity. Team members also search for and investigate potential mosquito breeding sites within the county right-of-way.

Treatment: areas shown to have disease activity in the mosquito population are treated using truck-mounted ULV (ultra-low volume) sprayers, which produce a fine mist that carries a chemical designed to target adult mosquitoes while they are in flight. Breeding sites found within the county right-of-way are also treated with chemicals designed to kill mosquitoes still in the larval stage of development.

Education: The Mosquito Abatement Team offers free property evaluations for Precinct 3 residents, including the identification of mosquito breeding sites, advice on how to mitigate those breeding sites, and recommendations for treatment actions that residents can perform on their own property. Team members are also available to attend community events and neighborhood meetings, as well as speak in front of civic groups, clubs, and other organizations to present information that might be relevant to the attendees. One-on-one advice is also offered over the phone whenever needed.

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